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Ellis Paul


Mar 1 2017: Cruise, shows, and mentoring!

Mar 1 2017 Cruise, shows, and mentoring
Hey All--

I'm just coming off a Cruise experience to the Grand Cayman Island with a group of around forty people and with Radoslav Lorković on the keys-- a working vacation of sorts, but just the kind of thing to get the batteries recharged.

We are tentatively planning a cruise next year to Alaska in May with a tie in show at Alice's Champagne Palace! More to come on that!

I'm now looking out my window at the Blue Ridge and it is 72 degrees, because it's March 1st! My windows are open and it feels like the arc of Spring is already happening, I don't know if I should celebrate or cry. We are in strange times, my friends...

This weekend I am venturing up to the Northeast to play the Narrows Center in Fall River, MA on Friday and the Hurdy Gurdy in Fairlawn, NJ on Saturday! Come on out! I'm singing songs and telling stories to commemorate 25 years on the road!

Additional shows are below! More Massachusetts shows, NH, New Mexico! Michigan! Georgia! Illinois!

MENTORING (Songs, Creativity, Business)

Last month I worked with 8 singer-songwriters on their songs and music aspirations in sessions, in person and on Skype. I've been doing this for years with people on the road and now I am making it a part of my mission as writer to share insight and knowledge. There's no real school for this art form, you learn from others and your own successes and failures!
Most people set up three sessions--
Write to set up yours!

Here's a couple reviews of the mentoring sessions:

--We've found Ellis's mentoring to be invaluable. His input has brought our songs and our songwriting to new and creative destinations.

His experience and great sense of humor make for relaxed and engaging mentoring sessions during which we can share ideas and receive meaningful input.

We would recommend Ellis to anyone looking for support, ideas, and guidance in crafting their songs -- Katy and Todd of Sparrow Blue

--If songwriting were one of the Zen disciplines say, like gardening, the monk warriors would have called Ellis "Gādenā"- the gardener.   That's what he taught me how to do- edit, garden.  Start with rich organic soil and some good seeds, then get them in the ground and water them until they grow.  At that point Ellis will show you how to pluck out the weeds, fend off the bugs, cast out the stones, dig up and replant a few rows, and rabbit proof that damn thing.   It's harder than you think.   Get rid of all the nonsense so that you're left with your beautiful, plentiful, precious little garden, ripe with home grown fruits and veggies. Edit, edit, edit.   He is a master. Just make sure you give him your songs before you record the record.... Otherwise, what's the point of having the master show you how to grow, if your tomatoes have already died on the vine.  -- Peyton Tochterman
I have found a new home for The Second Annual New England Songwriters' Retreat! It's being held at the Guest House Retreat Center in Chester, CT. Thursday, August 31 through Monday, September 4! This is Labor Day Weekend-- four days of songwriting instruction, business classes and playing, writing, and making new friends-- our teachers are almost all finalized but look to be Ellis Paul, Abbie Gardner from Red Molly, Dan Bern, Laurie MacAllister from Red Molly, George Wurzbach, and others! Everything from songs to vocal care to business classes on social media!
We will be making final announcements in the next week or two, but check out the center here!
Please send inquiries to Brittany at:
I'm still filling in tour visits to schools for March, April, May, and June!
I come in and do class visits, assembly shows, and songwriting with kids-- if you teach at schools, work at libraries, or YMCA's, let us know!

For more information, contact Brittany at:
I've gotta pack for shows! Hope our paths cross this Spring-- send us stories of how you discovered my music, or how it affected you! We want to know!
Best to you all--