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Ellis Paul


Jun 8 2016: Maine --> Massachusetts --> Maine this weekend!

Jun 8 2016 Maine -- Massachusetts -- Maine this weekend

Today, I am looking at the Blue Ridge mountains as they stretch beautifully across the windows of my place on the horizon and I can already tell that tonight's sunset will likely be a spectacular one. I live in Charlottesville, Va and it's warm, pretty, and rural here. No matter how stunning my view is here, it still doesn't compare to the beauty of Maine and Massachusetts to me. I'm lucky to be traveling up to Maine this weekend-- shows in Brownfield at the spectacular Stone Mountain Arts Center on Friday and at Jonathan's in Oquinquit on Sunday- one of the best of the best restaurants on the coast of Maine. They have a steak and lobster combination that I dream about all year long. And they serve folk music :)

In between those shows on Saturday, I roll over to Alice's Restaurant (also known as the Guthrie Center) down in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. You've heard the story of that place every Thanksgiving for the last forty years or so. These are all historic venues, with a long history of community shows, and great food.

This is why I've spent the last 25 years doing this-- connecting, writing, finding stories, creating community, eating great meals, raising a glass and singing songs to friends and fans. I've been incredibly lucky. Next year is my 25th year celebration, I will be doing old songs as well as new songs and requests throughout the year all around the U.S.. But I'm from New England, and there's no place like home.

Step away from your TV, part from this over hyped election, and get some air!

Shows coming up in a few weeks too! Passim in Cambridge, MA, The Spire Center in Plymouth, MA and additional shows in New England, so Im here this summer!

Music Camps!
Aug 11-14th I will be teaching at my very first annual songwriters' retreat with fellow instructors Ralph Jaccodine, Vance Gilbert and Brittany Bethune.

Ralph and Brittany will be teaching business classes--  answering questions like how do I register songs with ASCAP, how do I pitch to TV, how does touring work and fielding your questions regarding the music business. Vance will be dealing with the details of performance, arrangements and songwriting and I will be talking about songwriting, editing, and inspiration. It's all held at the beautiful Craigville Retreat Center, right on the ocean on Cape Cod. It's three days of lodging, food and music. If you'd like to grow as a songwriter, performer, and as a cottage business-- this is gonna be a great few days of intensive classes, concerts and songs.

I'm also teaching for a day at the Woody Guthrie Festival! Three hours on the Saturday of the Festival with a focus on how to make your songs better! Sign up at the Festival Website!

Swannanoa Gathering
Last week of July in North Carolina!
Join hundreds of inspired writers and instructors in improving your art over a week of classes, lectures and performances. This is truly one of the best environments to help your art evolve. You'll thank me for this one!

I hope I see you this summer with a tan, but not the Donald Trump kind! Send me song requests and I will do my best to get them on stage for you--
Best to you!