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Ellis Paul


Apr 28 2016: MA, OK, NY, and summer music camps!

Apr 28 2016 MA, OK, NY, and summer music camps
Hey y'all--
Spring is here, summer fast approaching. I'm on the road, performing and teaching throughout the upcoming months-- if you are interested in doing a dance with your personal muse and getting inspired with your writing, I urge you creative types to join me for these workshops and camps near you!
The First Annual Ellis Paul Songwriting Camp! (We need a better name! Let's name it at the Camp!)
Aug 11-14th Craigville Retreat Center
Craigville, MA
Three days, food and lodging at a beautiful retreat center on Cape Cod with instructors Ellis Paul, Vance Gilbert and business classes with Ralph Jaccodine and Brittany Bethune. A show, classes, an open Mic and community around the idea of making better music!
I am teaching an afternoon workshop on songwriting! An intensive three hour session! July 16th, 2016 1-4pm
Warren Wilson College in North Carolina hosts the Swannanoa Gathering's 25th Anniversary. It has long been among the best music retreats for inspired musicians in the country. I will be joining a long list of accomplished songwriters Janis Ian, Kathy Mattea, Cliff Eberhardt and more for a week long stay in the mountains!
July 24th-July 30th... I will only be teaching performing here, but the scope of the classes with other instructors is wide and valuable to anyone wrestling with the muse.
That should keep me busy, and you!
This week I am hopping from Massachusetts to Oklahoma!
I hope to see you somewhere on the path soon--