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Ellis Paul

school visits

"The Hero in You" School Visits

The Hero in You School Visits

Ellis does concerts, workshops, masterclasses and more with schools, libraries, and community centers either in person or through Skpye. In past visits, he has performed songs from "The Hero in You", answered questions, and has even written a song with students, though he can incorporate whatever topic the students are learning about into his visit. Many of his songs are biographical and the workshops and sessions fit into current music, English, and history class curriculum. Ellis tailors his visits to meet the needs of the age group and works with elementary, middle and high school students. Choose a time frame that works for your school from a skype session, a one hour classroom visit, a half day workshop or a full day visit from Ellis. If your school is interested in making Ellis part of a special program or assembly, email us using the link below to inquire about availablity. Bring the excitement of music to your students' learning and the experience of Ellis Paul and "The Hero in You" to your school!

See an Ellis Paul school visit or skype visit by clicking the links below.

To book an Ellis Paul visit, please e-mail Craig Grossman at

Here are the of various options for Ellis Paul school visits:

Skype visits:

Ellis visits your school or classroom via Skype. He sings songs from his album The Hero in You and talk about his music.


Single performance:

Ellis performs songs for ONE assembly of students from his Award Winning Book/CD The Hero in You.


Half Day:

Ellis performs songs for TWO assemblies of students.


Full day:

Multiple Classes/assemblies. Possible schedule might be a school show in the morning, then speaking with classes, performing songs or doing a songwriting workshop with several classes. Can be tailored to suit the school's needs.


"Hero In You" Day

Ellis stays for full day with students, attending classes and rehearsals and attends and appears in "The Hero in You Musical".