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Ellis Paul

Private Sessions

See the Ellis Paul STORE tab for a description and to purchase mentoring sessions with Ellis. Or click the link below:https://ellispaul. com/product/f/Mentoring/   more»

"The Hero in You" School Visits

Ellis does concerts, workshops, masterclasses and more with schools, libraries, and community centers either in person or through Skpye. In past visits, he has performed songs from "The Hero in You", answered questions, and has even written a song with students, though he can incorporate whatever topic the   more»

Songwriting Workshop for Students

In his creative and fun 3-hour songwriting workshop, Ellis takes his students from inspired free form writing into thoughtful visual crafting then ending with the deliberate, methodical editing of the song idea. Using exercises in free writing, sensory imagery, and haiku and utilizing his Incredible Editing Wheel, the students   more»