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Ellis Paul


Dec 17 2013 - Happy Holidays from Ellis Paul!!

Dec 17 2013 - Happy Holidays from Ellis Paul
Happy Holidays!

I am rolling down to Atlanta tonight to put the final vocals on the new recording project. We have been recording, writing, and assembling songs for a year now! This has been one of the longest projects I've ever worked on-- between shows and working through schedules, it has been a constant ongoing project during the year. But it was worth it! Kristian and Brandon Bush are proving to be great producers for me.

Much to celebrate this year!

My girls are being inundated with American Girl stuff this year. In this fantasy world of dolls, every doll has its own unique set of pets, era styled clothing, and trinkets like roller skates and lunch boxes. Small children walk like zombies through the aisles in complete fascination of the sparkle in the store. I'm amazed at this business.
Like any successful business story, someone's ingenuity and hard work created a sensation. But this is like a fancy crack house for first grade girls!!!

I can't believe how addicted to this stuff parents and children have become! Yet here I am, looking specifically for a dog for Molly the doll who is being discontinued this year. I had travelled to Massachusetts to do shows and stopped in Natick at the store because the dog was no longer available on-line! Go to the source! They have a hair dresser place in the store! An an old fashion soda shop! Good Lord.

The place was mobbed. I over heard mothers talking with reverence about certain dolls. They were even more into this then their children. It's going to be an amazing month for the American Girl company. I bought a $30 lunchbox and a puppy for about the same. The woman next to me was buying a $100 dollar pony. You can buy a real pony for $100.

I'm looking at stock options.

In other news!

The fundraising has been going amazingly well; we were able to buy recording equipment to assist with future projects, assemble the best players and singer's on the planet, and hopefully will have the cd in our hands by March!

Artwork design is next :)

I'm very grateful for the support of my art. I want this to be a life long pursuit.
Thanks for kicking off the project in such an extraordinary way!

Looking forward to the New Years shows in Boston, Cambridge and Portland, Maine!
C'mon out! Rad and Don and special guests will be on be on stage! Gotta love tradition!

There's still time to order music here at the site for the holiday sale! Enjoy this spoken word track 'The Night the Lights Went Out on Christmas' from my holiday album "City of Silver Dreams". Enjoy :)

Have a safe and peaceful holiday!

Thank you all!