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Ellis Paul


Nov 3 2016: Come on a Caribbean cruise vacation!

Nov 3 2016 Come on a Caribbean cruise vacation

Thursday, Nov 3, 2017


Last night I sat and watched what was one of the best World Series games ever played, and oddly I felt like I was watching two mirror image teams go at it. Both had over worked pitchers, both teams had bearded, never give up, blue collar get 'er done, grinding work ethic style players and managers that also seemed to be brothers of another mother! Complete respect on the field for each other. No fights, no derogatory comments in the press, not much in the way of trash talk. Just focus. And joy.

The come backs, the home runs, the rain delay-- it was like a lifetime of harrowing adventure in ten innings. I had no stake in the game, but it felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I leaned slightly towards screaming for the Cubs because of the drug like empathy I carry from having been through decades of Red Sox woes just a short time ago. And the heroes were familiar! Some of the same players and management from the Phoenix like Red Sox era...

The other contest we are watching (in the election) shows none of the same class. Next week we will cast our final votes and it will finally be over. No extra innings here. Thankfully. Theo Epstein for President! The series made me a baseball fan of teams outside of New England. But did nothing for my feelings towards the Yankees. Sadly, I still have hate in my heart. Congratulations to Chicago! And Cleveland must have nothing but respect for the year the Indians have given them.

I've got some other great news to talk about!

This weekends shows run my new wheels (a Saab wagon)  through Yankees and Phillies Territory. Tomorrow night (Friday Nov 4 8:30 & 10:30pm) I am stepping on stage for two shows at the legendary club, The Iridium, in NYC-- better known as Les Paul's jazz club--- we took these shows only two weeks ago to fill in a date that had opened up for the venue-- please help us promote it by sharing the link with friends and family, the last minute nature of these shows warrant outside help from you, I need to muster the troops! It can be a great new home for me in New York City and I'd love to have you there clinking glasses and wiping tears from your eyes. The food is that good. And so is the music. The Pennsylvania shows run me through Nazareth (Saturday Nov 5th) home of the Martin Guitar factory and Kennett Square (Sunday Nov 6th) both at intimate venues that give you an nearly on stage perspective of the music.

Next weekend, my only show will be Friday, Nov 11th at 7pm EST on Concert Window from my home to yours on my monthly live at on the Tiny Living Room Concert series... we can laugh at the post election results and celebrate and weep and sing songs together.

Click here for info and share---

Are you interested in joining me in celebrating 25 years of being a musician? Come on an amazing vacation to Mexico and the Cayman Islands! February 20-25th! We leave from Tampa and the itinerary has lots of beautiful options! Radislav Lorkivic will be joining me on keys for nighttime shows, morning workshops and Island jaunts, and the ship will be presenting all sorts of activities as well-- it should be an incredible time! Rooms are still available, but time is running out, only a month left to join--- click here!

Coming soon! This month we are launching an art store at my website for illustrated posters, keep an eye out for that, as well as songwriting retreat plans for next year and additional 25th anniversary plans.

I hope you are basking in the beauty of Fall and early winter! A good World Series like this gives me hope for a better world, it may only be temporary, but today feels like everything is right with the world.


Ellis Paul