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Ellis Paul


Jan 27 2017: Ellis Paul's Friday briefing from California!

Jan 27 2017 Ellis Pauls Friday briefing from California

A New Year is upon us! All the tumult of last year seems to be bleeding into the new year, and trying to keep ahead of the marches and new conferences and blurbs has made my head numb. Thankfully music is a refuge, and I can escape into my guitar strings and songs and try to make sense of things there. We've all got a lot of work to do in keeping the ship afloat, let's not let the guys at the wheel make all the decisions.

Lots happening! I'm kicking off the 25th Anniversary tour this month--

I'm in California this weekend, playing a new club in Del Mar, Brick 15, and a legendary one in Los Angeles, McCabe's, tomorrow on Saturday. I am touching on new songs and old and telling the stories of the road from 25 years!

Dates in Illinois, Michigan and New England on the horizon, but please check the schedule below for dates in your town!

Coming up!

Feb 9th 7pm on Concert Window I am performing songs from my living room from my first album "Say Something"... if that's the album you discovered me with, join us and take through time.

25th Anniversary Tour Cruise

With special guest Radoslav Lorković... Feb 20-25th from Tampa, FL

A cruise to Cozumel and the Cayman Islands!

Space is available though the deadline has passed.

March 11th

I am playing the Red Clay Theater in Duluth, GA with a writers workshop in the afternoon! Can't wait to hang with Eddie Owen and perform at this legendary theater again:

This Summer! A run at Club Passim in July over four nights where I do selections from every album in consecutive order!

More info and dates to come!

I am mentoring! If you are a songwriter, or know one who would benefit from setting up mentoring sessions via Skype and in person where travel allows, contact Brittany Bethune at I do song doctoring, performance doctoring, preproduction on album projects, and career mentoring...

The artwork for the 25th Anniversary is finished and can be ordered with my Chord City guitar chords and Song Editing Wheel and my other work at the poster site.

I will be writing songs, drawing political cartoons and partnering in many other projects to help keep America sane again. I hope you'll come along for the ride this year!

Best to you all!
Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul's 25 Random thoughts for 25 Years on the Road

1. Rand McNally folded.

2. Alaska is always worth it.

3.Gas: $.56 in 1992 in Texas.

4. What is Starbucks?

5. Yes. I'll have a Mocha Frappuccino no whip and a caramel machiatto with soy to go. Repeat.

6. Honda. Utah. Rolled. 3 times. Totalled. Rental car. Drive home. The road doesn't end when the car does. Seat belts matter.

7. 5,027 stages. 3,247 Denny's.

8. Folk DJs don't shave.

9. Big Sur bends Time/Space/Sense of Purpose/Priorities.

10. Airport pat downs are no replacement for cuddling, but work when you're desperate.

11. If you only listen to Dylan for three months, you start acting funny.

12. Groupies become grandmothers over time.

13. One song can change your life.

14. Streaming hurts, but makes suitcases lighter.

15. The currency of the musician's life is measured by the friendships made.

16. The show doesn't start until you get there. Don't risk death.

17. The fiery ache for the road, for motion, for adventure will turn to a heavy ache for home.

18. Smart phones are brilliant. Holders of knowledge. Oracles of thought. They keep relationships alive. They record your life. Be grateful.

19. One bear, three deer, an armadillo, a cat, three possum, 3 million mosquitoes, RIP.

20. Pete Seeger sang until he couldn't.

21. Have you seen my charger?

22. Everyone should drive across it, just once, and taste the salt of either ocean.

23. We are a planet of stories. Listen.

24. A creative life is a passport to anywhere.

25. Love big, hurt little.