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Ellis Paul

Rosa Parks

The wheels on the bus, they go round and round...
Back in 1955 in Montgomery on a city street
There's a bus on a corner with police cars
And a woman sitting down in her seat

You know what's right
You know what's wrong
The signs are coming down
It's been going on too long

You know what's wrong
You know what's right
Rosa's gonna fight
It's been going on too long

Rosa was arrested cause a white man
Asked for her seat and she wouldn't give it up
Martin Luther King helped form a boycott
No blacks would ride the bus until it stopped

Sometimes the best way
To fight for a better day
Is sitting down
Not fighting!
Sitting down, make it right and
Sit down to stand up
Sit down to stand up
Sit down to stand up
For your rights!

You don't need no violence to set it right
Make a change, change, change

Rosa brought change and a movement came
Where people fought for their civil rights
In school, in work and in traveling,
It should be equal if you're black or white


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Sharon Teeler, Sharon Teeler Publishing