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Ellis Paul

Thomas Edison

Imagine you could ride a thought
Like a train at a station that you've just caught
Now imagine that the head you're in
Belongs to Thomas Alva Edison
He's thinking about a light,
And not just a light that will burn for an hour
But a light that can last for months and months
And illuminate a home with just a trickle of power

And now he's not thinking of only just one,
He's thinking of millions,
No, billions for everyone!
So no matter where on earth you go,
London, Rio, Tokyo,
You can lean back in your easy chair
Flick a switch
And his light bulb's there

And now this train has jumped the tracks
He's thinking of a way to have sound play back
With a spool and a wire and aluminum foil
He's wrapping the sound like string on a coil
And now what was that? A bird that sings!
The sounds are flying off this thing!
A dog, a cat, a baby's laugh
Captured and played by his 'phonograph'
In fact, the reason you're hearing me here
Is because Edison had an incredible idea!

Now off he goes with another invention,
His mind is so filled with dreams and intentions!
Sound and pictures, thoughts and hopes
Lightbulbs, phonographs, Kinetoscopes
Well now Its time to apply the brakes
A thousand patents! It's too much to take!
But when you get an idea, let's make a deal
To be like Edison and make it real


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