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Ellis Paul

Mr. Tee Tot

Mr. Tee Tot sat down on the boulevard
With his guitar and his old creaking chair
And Hank sat at his feet, sipping summer tea so sweet

Mr. Tee Tot, talk awhile
Sing a song and make me smile
Mr. Teetot, won't you talk awhile

He said, "Son, I once had a catfish on a fishing pole
And he fought me for four nights and four days
Till the river met the the sea, then that catfish says to me,
'I fought you for four nights, four days
Brought you the moon and this beautiful bay
Bow unhook Muster! Set me free!'

Mr. Tee Tot played an F chord minor seven
And he sang just like a lion loose from a cage
He said, "Catfish can't you see, I've got to feed my family...
So I ate him. I filleted him. Buttered him so much I bathed him.
It took me four long days to catch him, but only four hours to eat"

He said, "Son, they're gonna tell you it's all about the journey
And not the destination when you get there
But I'll say when you do, the best part does come true
If you share, you've gotta share, you've gotta share


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