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Ellis Paul

Chief Joseph

I am a child of the Wallowa Valley in the
wilds of Oregon
I am 'Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain'
I was born a chief's son
The Nez Perce were my people
Looking Glass was my friend
And we lived our lives in the western hills
till the white man camp closing in
Closing in...

From where the sun now stands
I will fight no more forever
And we will all remain together
From where the sun now stands

10,000 years the land was ours
If any can own the land
We believe no trees, no wind, no earth
are the property of man
General Howard, he came to find us
His government would not agree
So the land was claimed by the white man
and my people had to flee
My people had to flee

In the Bear Paw Mountains
just miles from freedom's hand
We sold our homes, we sold our bones,
and surrendered all our land
What is the price of freedom?
What is the pay in grief?
And what do we surrender to live our lives in peace?
Live our lives in peace?


Ellis Paul Publishing
Sharon Teeler, Sharon Teeler Publishing