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Ellis Paul

The Hero In You

Everybody's got a story
Of all their troubles, all their glories
Tell me yours, you cannot bore me
I love to listen to you

All your bumps and all your scratches
All your holes and all your patches
It's You! It's true! You have no matches
There's a hero in you

You can make the hero you are
With your brains, your aim
And your battle scars

Everybody's got a tale
Of how they chased a great white whale
Some succeeded and some just failed
But trying is what you've got to do
Cause in the trying, you feel you're flying
The whole wide world is beneath you lying
It's you! It's true! There's no denying
There's a hero in you

So use your brain and do some thinking
You could be the next Abe Lincoln
Use your muscle, try to hustle
You could be Muhammad Ali
Use your toes and dance on pumpkins
You could be Isadora Duncan
It's you, it's true! I hope it sunk in
There's a hero in you


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