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Ellis Paul

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was a man who swung a bat
And because he was so good at it
He became much more than that
He was the first man of color in the game
He rose from the Negro leagues into fame
Into a world that was begging for change
In the dugout, they have him a shout out
They're calling his name

Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson
You changed the way we play the game
The game!

Baseball, football, basketball,
Long jump and track
He was a world class athlete
No game was gonna hold him back
Oh, he was called up
To rise above all the shame
The slurs and the threats that he overcame
His courage belongs in the hall of fame
In the dug out
They have hymn a shout out
They're calling his name


Ellis Paul Publishing
Sharon Teeler, Sharon Teeler Publishing
Billy Jonas, Bang-a-Bucket Music