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Ellis Paul

Martha Graham

She was a smart girl, young girl
Loved to dance
In fact she did it every time she got the chance
She learned the moves, like a list of rules
Studied ballet when she went to school
She could perrouette, balance
She could Jump and spin and battement glisse
But her soul felt lost
heart was locked
Like she was dancing inside of someone else's box
So she arched her back, fell to the floor
Cause that's what expressed the emotion more
Sometime you gotta draw outside of the lines
To color the dance that's inside your mind

You've gotta dance like Martha
Dance like Martha
Dance like Martha

And then the day came, Martha started a school
She taught the dancers how to dance beyond the rules
World War 2, the Great Depression
All could play a part in her imagination
All the costumes and all the props
Were just another way to make the audience's heart stop
These actors, dancers were part of a play
And Martha danced so you could feel the day
All the heartache all the joy
Expressed in the moves of these girls and boys
If you could dance your fear would you take the chance?
'Cause that's how Martha chose to dance


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