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Ellis Paul

Nellie Bly

Nellie Bly, Nellie Bly
The world could be yours if you try, if you try

Nellie Bly was just a girl, born into a world
Where little girls barely mattered
Even women couldn't vote, their jobs just left them broke
Sewing clothes, and stirring batter

Nellie didn't think it was right
She took up a pen to fight for women's rights
And she told the whole world,
What it's all about!

Nellie Bly, she was sly, she was like a private eye
She went under cover into a women's mental ward
Her pen was like a sword, she played sick to be among the others

The patients weren't being treated right
She stayed there ten long days and nights
Then she told the whole world
What it's all about!

Nellie Bly was just a girl in a race around the world
Taking trains and ships on steam power!
She sailed the China Sea with her little pet monkey
Meeting kings and getting flowers

Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore
In seventy-two days she was on American shores
Telling the whole.... wide.... world
What it's all about!


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