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Ellis Paul

The Dragonly Brings Free Love

Happy Valentines Day!
Well, love is in the air. Everywhere. At least that's what Hallmark is telling us. As a firm believer in "love" I am encouraging y'all to reach out to those important beings in your life who've you neglected. Your cat. Your spider plant. Your second cousin. And tell them you love them.

I'm stuck in South Carolina today, not close to the dearest of the dear, but in order to celebrate the day I am hugging random strangers. Even reluctant ones, who refuse to let me. It's VALENTINES day! Spread the love dammit!

I am sending out love to you in the form of an insect song. It's more endearing than it sounds, no repelant necessary. It's from my new cd, it's called "Dragonfly" and I hope you'll listen to it while receiving the romantic advances of someone you respond chemically to. Click here to download for free... (it's track #8)

Go get lucky! Have fun!
And I love you!