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Ellis Paul

Celebrating 20 years of performing at Passim (this is not a joke)

Over the weekend I had a chance to drive from Boston across Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virgina then home to Charlottesville, Va. I chased a band of orange and gold trees across the northeast to the Mason Dixon line. I tried to soak in how beautiful it was. Normally the drives between shows aren't my favorite part of my job. But this drive was one of the prettiest I had in years.  Happy Halloween! I hope you have pumpkin seeds and caramel apples that stick to the roof of your mouth!

I look forward to spending yet another New England style weekend (this weekend) as I make my way back to Harvard Square in Cambridge for three shows at my home venue Club Passim. It is true that 20 years ago from this past September I took the stage at Passim for the first time opening for John Gorka, and 20 years ago October 23rd, I stepped on the Passim stage for my first headlining gig (and first paid gig at Passim)  I hope you will join me to celebrate my new CD "The Day After Eveything Changed" (and my 20 year anniversary! yikes.) You Can Purchase Tickets Here

You can currently purchase the CD only from my shows and website until the national release January 12th. If you order the CD by October 29th, (3 more days) I will personally sign the CD! Purchase the CD

Coming up Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Mexico!!

Look forward to seeing y'all out there!