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Ellis Paul

4 Years later... and still Katrina's effects are felt

We all tend to put yesterday's headlines aside and focus on current dramas that fill our papers and computers screens,  but today marks the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Despite the fact that the disaster is no longer garnering front page headlines, people are still rebuilding homes along the gulf coast, cleaning up the aftermath of the wind and seas and putting their lives back together brick by brick. The disaster relief is ongoing there.

We are urging people to make renewed donations to Hurricane relief funds and the red cross, get involved...
I decided that releasing the new version of Hurricane Angel from the new cd may help with public awareness.

Music can't build homes and schools, but it can remind us of the importance of community and relationships and create bonds that bring about change. It reminds of the stories and history that effect us everyday.

If you, or friends and family know of a place where this song can make a difference to those involved in the disaster, please pass this link on. The download will be available for the next month for free!


Thanks for listening!