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Ellis Paul

Thank you all for a great 2008...on to 2009!

Hey everybody--

I can't believe another year has come on by us. 2008 was remarkable year for all -- a new president, an economic crisis, big changes! But lots to be thankful for...

My little ones are getting taller and more beautiful by the day, and I am so thankful that they are on the planet with us. There is nothing better than to hear the sound of their voices singing through the rooms in the house. They bring me joy that is unbounded and they inspired what I think was some of my best stuff to date-- and the children's album that was recorded for them won a prestigious parent's choice award and made the top lists for children's music in 2008. The children's shows were very fun too, thanks for coming out with your kids.

The fundraising project for the new adult album is closing shop here at year's end-- we have been incredibly surprised by the willingness to support the project in this kind of financial climate! We will be closing this chapter with nearly $75,000 to record, promote, and distribute the cd. I am using Thad Beatty down in Nashville as producer and working with Kristian Bush from Sugarland as executive producer-- can't wait to get the darn thing finished!

In regards to the Street Busker upgrade...the donations were still coming in at show time and we wanted to make sure that we included everyone; we did not pick the name in order to make sure we properly process everyone that contributed on the 31st. Once we get ourselves resettled from the crazy week of shows we will pick a name and let you know if you won! Thank you all so much for your desire to be a part of the next CD!

Jack Ingram, a country star from Texas, is releasing "The World Ain't Slowin' Down" on his upcoming cd due out in 2009. If you love country music-- please place some calls and get it on the air at radio stations everywhere. He did a great job of recording it.

I hope 2009 brings peace and prosperity to you all-- Thanks for the continued support on the road, see y'all out there and Happy New year!