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Ellis Paul

Hi Everyone—

I have boxes and boxes of the new CD outside my front door and it’s like I’ve been walled into my own home. I’m very proud of this project, it’s the first time in twenty albums that I have been responsible for production, songwriting, sequencing, and design. This one feels more like me than anything I’ve ever done because of it. Thank you for providing the funding that has made this happen. I’ve been doing this now for thirty years, I’m still growing, improving, evolving. And I still love my job.

The packaging and downloads will be going out to you in the first two weeks of April. We are still awaiting the arrival of t-shirts! But all the other swag is here and ready to be packaged and sent out. The official street date for the album is in May.

The Fundraiser will officially shut down on April 1st! No fooling! Our final push will help cover cost of promotion and videos. Feel free to revisit the website if you’d like an upgrade to the tiny suitcase level or a house concert or original art or lyrics.

In the next few weeks I will have copies at shows and if you want your copy then and there, let me know! I will cross you off the list!
Thank you again for supporting my creativity and voice in the world. Please let me know what you think of the project when you receive it!

And very best to you! See you on the road!
With gratitude—