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Ellis Paul

Special CD pre sale offer... every shows a celebration

Hey y'all,
Well its finally time, we are making the new cd, "The Day After Everything Changed" available to everyone at my website. It can only be purchased here, and at shows until January 12th 2010.
Anyone who orders the cd by October 29, 2009 will receive an autographed copy! Order here

I truly think this my best work to date and I am thrilled with how the Producers Jason Collum and Thad Beatty (aka... Sorted Noise) down in Nashville produced these songs. I've never had so many songs rise to their potential on an album!

I posted another blog about the making of the cd... hope you enjoy The Day After Everything Changed Musings Part 3

The cd is also available at shows... come out and celebrate the new songs with me! Big shows coming up at Passim October 29th, 30th and 31st, The Iron Horse, Colorado with Eliza Gilkyson! And so many more dates, please check out my website, dates are always being added. Can't wait to see y'all out there!