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Ellis Paul

"55" Album Update!

quot55quot Album Update

ME in the warehouse!

Hello gang—

I’m standing in our townhouse in Crozet. At least I think it’s a townhouse. Today, it’s been transformed into more of a warehouse. Every bit of horizontal flat space in my home is stacked with envelopes, CD boxes, sticker paper for addresses and stamps. The new album CDs, 2,000 of them, have arrived at my doorstep, and the assembly line for shipping to everyone who contributed to this project is starting to rumble.

Thank god that Laurie and Karen are organizing this. There are a lot of moving parts between PATREON and the fundraiser, and I am still still waiting for t-shirts, posters, shoes boxes. We will gradually be getting packages out to you all! Please be patient as this is accomplished in phases! It will probaby take the entire month of March to have everything set sail to you.

The album will be officially out and for sale on June 9! First single on Spotify will be the title track 55! That’s coming on March 31 — more on that soon!

If you are one of those folks who’d still like to contribute, just sign up to PATREON and we will get the CD, poster, t-shirt, DNA sample, first child— to you depending on the level you subscribe to! Click here:

I’m packing suitcases to tour this month as well— hoping to bring Radoslav Lorkovic along for the ride. He’s healing up from a retina mishap. Massachusetts, Florida, NYC, Philly, MD in the next few weeks of March, and April is jammed! Chicago, Colorado, PA, OH, WI, IA and more. New songs, old songs, stories fresh and new! Come on out!

And when I am home I will continue to livestream the Wednesday Traveling Medicine Show and the Sunday PATREON show. An exceptional new talent, Sam Robbins, is my guest this week on Wednesday March 8 at 8pm ET. You can tune in via my Facebook page:

My optimism is finally getting clear of the cloud surrounding COVID. I’m working on the road again, I have a new album, and a hopeful outlook. Are you feeling the same? I’m hoping that all the time spent in one place has offered you some greater life clarity as it has me....and as it has to so many people.

Now it’s just a matter of putting these thoughts into action. For me, that means more focus on the things and people I love. A little less highway, a little more touch. More writing, more art, more love.

I’d like to get a cat.

Stay tuned.
Big hugs to you all for the support on 55! And here is my touring schedule: