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Ellis Paul


Hi Everyone—

I’ve just spent a long marathon week in the home studio of Mark Dann in cozy Woodstock, NY. Mark is a highly motivated technical wizard who is always pulling out the latest scientific app to enhance or fix whatever minuscule sound he wants to glorify or make disappear. He loves the details.
We had the gifted Radoslav LorkoviΔ‡ come in to dance across tracks on the Yamaha Grand Piano, the Hammond B-3, and his antique accordion. He loves his job. It’s clear I was working with two savants in the studio. Anyone that is so deeply involved with anything, let alone an accordion or sound apps, is a nerd. Thank God. I’ve learned the importance of partnering with the right people who have the same objectives and high standards that I have, when I can’t reach those objectives on my own. I geek out on the songs. I want this to be my best. Right? Get help being your best.
I had brought my equipment up to Woodstock as well, so I could work in the wee hours listening and recording and editing tracks from the day’s work. It’s a great set up. I record at home, bring tracks to Mark, he cleans them up, we add the bigger instruments, like drums and grand pianos. I bring those back home and work on vocals and padding guitars and keys, then I go back to Woodstock for final touches and Voila! We have a perfect album!
There are only two finishing touches to go — two backgrounds from the nimble voice of Seth Glier— who can glide in the stratosphere on the notes I can’t,  and then I drive across the planet to Texas, Maine and Georgia listening, listening, listening! Blaring the tracks as I go — jotting down the fixes that will finally finish these songs. It already sounds amazing to my ears.
Want to contribute and get a digital copy in your email and eventually a CD in the mail?
I will likely send out a song to you all soon— as a hook :) Be on the look out!
And look out for these shows below! Jesus! It’s good to be back playing live again! I’m having hand surgery in December so I won’t be touring for the next few months (the New Years shows in Maine and Boston will have Rad and Don Conoscenti playing my parts while I sing like Sinatra). Come see us when you can! I won’t be able to clap for myself, so bring both hands!
Much love to you all for the everythings you do for me daily! Truly more grateful now, after this pandemic, than I’ve ever been.  
Silver linings.
Much love—
PS: Some Reminders!
1. Tour Dates! The 30th Anniversary tour is being booked now! Email for inquiries!
2. Cruise to Alaska in May, 2023
4. PATREON— be a monthly subscriber and get deals, personal shows, special events, new songs, and old songs!
5. CUSTOM SONGS! Have me writer and record a song for you or loved ones or your business!