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Ellis Paul

Free Download of New Song “Holy” For You!  Digital Download of New Album Available On Patreon!

Free Download of New Song ldquoHolyrdquo For You nbspDigital Download of New Album Available On Patreon

"55" Album Cover

Hey folks,

I'm happy to share with you all a digital download of the song “Holy”! Here's the link:

And.....I wanted to let you know that the new album “55” is available right now to all Patreon members!

I want to tell you about the incredible success of my Patreon site and catch you up with where Patreon is headed.

On March 1st, I will be retiring the $1 tier on my Patreon site. So, if you join up now, you will have instant access to a free download of the new album “55” in its entirety. (It’s not coming out until May!) And you will receive all the digital benefits of the site every month for $1/mo. You can join the upper levels for the CD version and more.

More and more of my music, art, livestreams and business work in the future will be conducted through Patreon. This is why: the site has allowed me to live with far more creative freedom as an artist.

We've had over 1,000 subscribers over the past couple of years!

Before the pandemic I was tied to touring in a way that allowed for very little time to focus on songs and recordings. It was also just exhausting. Touring is financially challenging, but it was also my primary source of income. I unfortunately had to do a lot of it in order to make enough money to survive and feed the family. I love touring but the expenses eat away more than 75 percent of an artist’s profits. It’s still an important part of my business, but shouldn’t creating music, art, books be the most important thing? Patreon is how I make that happen!

My past creative work was often done in the haze between shows and traveling. I hope you’ll hear the difference in the quality of this new album— I had the space to do it properly— and it’s me at my best. Rested, focused, and committed.

We will be overhauling the Patreon site in March— with new tiers, more events, more livestreams, and more music, art and musings. I’m excited to see it expand and improve. The $1 monthly subscription is still open, but you can only sign up at that level for the next two weeks. Access to it will close on March 1st, and then the lowest membership level will move to $3. I wanted to let you know! I realize you are subscribed to a million things as I am. But I believe a dollar a month to receive what I’m creating and to tap into the broader folk community through the livestream events that surrounds me is well worth it!

Here’s a list of a few things you’ll have access to:

— my new music via digital download or physical merchandise

— weekly songs or shows or videos from my 30-year archive

— access to livestreams shows like the Traveling Medicine Show with interviews and performances from special guests from the folk world and an archive of livestream shows you may have missed.

— discounts on merchandise

— at the upper levels, backstage passes, custom songs, house concerts, private livestreams, co-writing opportunities, special events and more

— access to me via email for questions or inquiries.

— the karmic glow of supporting an artist whose music you love!

Thanks again!

I hope you enjoy the album! Be on the lookout for touring and celebrating this year! It’s my 30th on the road!

Very best to you!