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Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul's New  Album "55" Fundraiser

"One day you will look back and see that all along you were blooming."
- - Morgan Harper Nichols

Over the years, I’ve been amazed at how fans of my music have gathered around me. They have supported my shows, my recordings, my art. But this circling of wagons has never seemed so clear and humbling to me as when the pandemic happened and stole away my - and so many musicians' - livelihoods. Thanks for bringing me to the other side.

This new album - “55” - was written during that time. I had a landmark birthday in 2020. That, and the stillness that the pandemic brought, helped me feel a greater gratitude for life and art, and renewed my spirit for writing and recording! Many of these songs reference the events that happened during the past two-plus years. But love songs and songs of gratitude have started to seep into my writing as well. These songs are now ready to be recorded. Thank you for helping me get back to the highway... as I return to shows across the US, Canada and Europe.

I’ve never made enough of an income to single-handedly record, manufacture, distribute, and promote my music. I’ve always had a label, or more recently, have been fortunate to step to the well of kindness from followers of my music. And here I am again.

I find myself standing at the same well that I’ve been drinking from during the course of the pandemic...and once again I'm asking for more from you all. I promise to give you more as well. I’m going to record as many songs as I can for the new album. I don’t know how many songs will make the final cut, but it will at be least fifteen, and maybe as many as twenty. I just want them all to be great. And if they don’t make the cut, I will see that you get them digitally. One song for sure that has already made the cut is the title track - “55”. You'll hear me sing it in the video above.

Thanks for your support throughout these years!

If you would rather mail a check (instead of donating online below), feel free to mail it to:

Ellis Paul

4452 Alston St.

Crozet, VA. 22932-3524

Much love to you—



“Ship in a Bottle" Level


Sail your own course, and pick your own contribution level without need for any goods or services mentioned with other levels by clicking HERE.

"Polaroids Were Just a Trend" Level


Shake it up! Receive a digital download of new album “55”.

"8-Track Tapes" Level


For your love of nostalgia you will receive an autographed CD! People don’t manufacture 8-Track tapes anymore! Plus! A digital copy of the album as well!

"Milk Man Bringing Home Butter and Cream" Level


We will deliver, right to your doorstep, the poster by Ellis commemorating the album! Plus all the items above!

"Whiskey Sour, Whiskey Neat" Level


One too many and you're obsolete! But you can wear a t-shirt commemorating the new album at any bar of your choice! We will send it your way, plus all the items above!

“A Mixed Cassette I Once Believed Could Keep My Girlfriend Crying” Level


A special gift that can heal your tears! Watch as the items from Ellis’ song “The Gift” come to life with this little ribboned shoebox that includes actual items from the song! It’s a perfect gift for someone who needs some sunshine! Including— a tiny pocket watch, a cocktail umbrella, a feather, a top hat, and an additional copy of the new cd! Plus all the items above!

"Rotary Phones Won't Spin 'Round Again"  Level


See your name in the liner notes like you’ve opened a phone book from 1979 again! But wait! There’s more! A USB of that includes the music, the working demos of all the songs, and behind the scenes video clips from the recording studio! Plus all the items above! It’s enough to call home about!

"Sears and Roebuck Magazine" Level


Your name listed as Executive Producer in the liner notes! How about some original art as well? Hand-written lyrics to a song of your choice! 5 additional autographed copies of the CD plus all of the items above!

“Fax Machine” Level


You will get an original piece of artwork from the actual album itself! Each song will be illustrated! Hold a piece of it’s history in your hands! Plus all the items above!

"Rand-McNally" Level


Send me directions to your house! I will perform a house concert for you at home or wherever suits your fancy! Plus all the items above!

"Vinyl Records" Level


Look at how we spin this one! Spend a day in the recording studio working on “55” with Ellis! In addition, have Ellis write and record a custom song written for you or a loved one! Plus all the items above.