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Ellis Paul

Live CD Recorded at Eddies Attic now on sale...Wheels are rolling to NYC, Chicago, Indy, PASSIM, Dayton, Bloomington, Nashville, St. Louis, Louisville........

Eddies Attic in Decatur, GA has long been one of the corner stone venues in my touring life and I have more fond memories here than anywhere I have played over the years. I am excited to release a new live CD recorded at Eddies Attic this past August! The CD is now available to order for presale and they will ship the first week of December in time for the holidays. This is a limited pressing and once they're gone ... that's it!

The recording was made before a wildly enthusiastic crowd and features live versions of a few new songs I am recording for the next studio album; "Hurricane Angel", "Once Upon A Summertime" and "Waking Up to Me".

Here's a link to listen to the new songs ... please pass the link along to anyone you know!

Click Here for Song Samples

You can place your order for the CD by clicking on this link ...

A Summer Night In Georgia-Live At Eddie's Attic

The holidays are coming up, I put together some "recession buster" gift packs at great discounts.

Ellis Paul CD/DVD Collection $75 (6 CDs and 2 DVDs $45 savings)


The Dragonfly Races CD and T-Shirt Gift Pack for $20


The Dragonfly Races 5 CD's for $9.99 each $49.95 Plus a Live at WERS Bonus CD


December 31st will be the last day of fundraising for the next CD project, thank you to everyone who has invested; Your generosity and desire to be a part of my project is very inspiring. I'm currently working with Kristian Bush, my friend from the band Sugarland on this project and I believe this will be one of my best yet!

In true tradition, Don Conoscenti and Radoslov Lorkovic will be joining me for the 12th Anniversary of the end of the year performances at Club Passim. These shows always sell out so best to get your tickets soon! You can order tickets at You know, you don't want to miss out on the antics. If you have any suggestions for a good practical joke to play on my opening act and good friend Flynn during his show this year, post them on the discussion board! We are always looking for something new to keep Flynn on his toes!

A few shows of note I want to bring to your attention, if you are in NYC, "The Rubin Museum-Naked Soul Concert" on December 12th. This show is done with no electronic amplification as the room design is acoustically perfect. Last year's show was really special; it is truly a remarkable space and vibe.

Also, Sunday December 15th in NYC, I will be performing a family/holiday show at Joe's Pub where I will be performing songs from The Dragonfly Races, if you don't have a child, borrow one for the day... or just come and act like one, you won't be alone!

The Bluebird in Nashville on December 4th, then on to Dayton, Bloomington IL, St. Louis, Chicago, Indy, and Louisville! There are lots of family shows mixed in so check my tour schedule at

See you all out on the road and thanks for the amazing support.