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Ellis Paul

Hold the Date! Live Shows! Facebook Update! Patreon Update!

Hold the Date Live Shows Facebook Update Patreon Update

Hello Everyone—

I am looking out the window at trees blossoming across the horizon on the Blue Ridge mountains. It’s beautiful here. I can’t believe I have had a year of being home...but it seems the road may be opening up for me soon. I have one shoulder shot to go before I am fully vaccinated. I’m optimistic, which hasn’t been my predominate mental state for months. My phone is finally ringing with occasional offers to play music... live!... to an audience! person! This upcoming month of April will reveal much about when we can return to a more normal existence. I have shows booked for June in Massachusetts and Maine. In the meantime, I will be performing online, doing livestream shows, private performances, and creating material for Patreon.

I am incredibly happy to announce the 1st Annual Traveling Medicine Show Festival taking place on Sunday, May 23, from 6-10pm ET. Every week for the past year, I’ve hosted a livestream interview show on multiple platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Patreon) featuring some of the best songwriters in North America. A gathering of more than a dozen artists on May 23 will celebrate the one year anniversary of the show and will feature multiple stages with live interviews and performances by legends of folk music as well as prerecorded sessions and other special clips. This will be a ticketed ($25) event. We will be announcing the lineup and the ticket details next week! Keep an eye out! Patreon subscribers will receive a discount on ticket price.

Many of you use Facebook to keep an eye on your favorite artists. I was just doing my taxes for last year and I am recognizing that the thousands of dollars I spend there aren’t worth the return. In order to reach the audience I have there, I have to spend hundreds of dollars to "boost" every post. So this year, I have decided not to continue to spend money there, although I will be posting occasionally on the site.


The best way to keep up with me is through a Patreon subscription. My Patreon site is where I release my music, my art, and my digital livestream content. Today, Patreon supporters are receiving a video of a song from a 2007 live performance! The photo below is a still image from the video shared today. Can you guess what song Rad Lorkovic and I were playing at the Mucky Duck in Houston on May 13, 2007?

My new Traveling Medicine Show, Vol. 1 album awaits you there as well when you subscribe! You can be a part of my creative life and watch the weekly Traveling Medicine Show livestream by becoming a Patreon supporter for as little as $1/month. Just visit this link:

Interested in bringing a livestream show to your home or business or school? Drop us a line at

I have some vacation trips scheduled for this summer. If all goes well! Please check my website tour calendar for the most up-to-date information and details at this link:

I am looking forward and hope to see you face to face in the months to come!
Very best—
Ellis Paul