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Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul's Ellis Island

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I hope you'll join me on my island!

Hello My Friends—
Just a thank you, a song for you, and an invitation.

I have created a new home for my creative life. You have been a supporter of mine in the past and some of you have already joined me at this new unique place. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share music with you and the rest of the world.

If you are weary of the news. Of being cooped up. Of the storm brewing outside.

I built a little island.

It’s easy to land there.
Friends await you.
And it feels safe there.
It’s called Ellis Island. It’s on a site called PATREON.

I am not so much a fan of the word “PATREON”. I don’t own the company. I think they derived it from word “patron” which is understandable. A patron on the arts. It’s got a nice ring. There’s a charity feel to it. It also is in the word “patronizing”. There’s a connotation of looking down from higher to a lower ground.

I would rather the philosophy and the geography of this place to be on level ground, looking up. As a community. Yes, my songs are at the center of this place. But I’ see this place as more of a “village” or a “gathering place”. Of ideas, songs, art, people. Not just me.

There are weekly posts, live stream shows, new songs, old songs, cover songs, and songs yet to come. Art work. Interviews. Podcasts. Other artists' visits and material.

There is even some completely non-music related content. Special guests. And more to come. It’s still evolving. It was started with a little volcano of songs and now it’s got visitors and residents.

It’s a bit of an escape.

Here’s the link to join me there. It costs as little as $1/month. There are various levels that have increasing access to things if you want them. But there are multiple items every week for everyone. So come and join us. Check it out!

And here, fresh from the island, is link to a song for you. The song is “Vincent” written by Don Maclean and recorded in my little island home studio during the pandemic. One of the things I’m doing on my island is making recordings of the BEST songs EVER written. "City of New Orleans". "New York, New York". "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". And more to come. Enjoy and download "Vincent" at the link below.

I’m going to make special edition albums of these songs...on CD and vinyl. newest songs are shared on Ellis Island first. Plus new videos...lots of live stream shows....archival songs from 30 years ago. New ideas. Old ideas. Ideas yet to come.

Hope you will join me!
Enjoy "Vincent"— it’s a miracle of a song.