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Ellis Paul

Live Streamed-Show Tonight!

press photo

Unpacking my storyteller's suitcase for tonight's all-request show!

Hey Everyone—

What a world we are living in. I’ve spent the last few nights staring at riots and protests on television, as I assume you have, while still being homebound by the pandemic. The risk of violence on the streets is high. The pandemic itself makes it dangerous to engage anywhere. We are in a time of historic chaos: financial, medical, and cultural. A perfect storm for even more trouble to possibly arrive than we are currently handling. Be safe out there.

When the pandemic first hit my worry was how do I feed my kids, pay for health insurance for us, pay rent and child support...and all the myriad of expenses that we all face? It was panic inducing. But the music community has come through for me via Patreon support, via attendance and tips at online shows and via the booking of private online shows. Music matters to people. Once again this net appeared beneath me. Wagons were circled. And now the bigger fights and issues are at hand.

My hope for YOU - my friends and music lovers - is that you stay safe and sane during this time...and recognize that you are armed with a vote that will make a difference in the fall.

In the meantime -
Where do you find calm, solace, peace?
Here’s what works for me:


And work, work, work.....performing online shows, having a daily routine, preparing for request shows, mentoring people online, recording, and making videos.

Music makes a difference.

Tonight I’ll be performing another Patreon All-Request show at 7:30pm ET on my Patreon site. If you want or need an escape, please consider joining the cyber-audience by becoming a Patreon supporter, if you haven't already. Membership starts for as little as $1/month. Check it out at the link below.

Stay safe, stay vigilant, stay healthy.....and thank you for your ongoing support.
Ellis Paul