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Ellis Paul

New Song! Show Tonight! New Album Coming Soon—

New Song Show Tonight New Album Coming Soonmdash

Hey Everyone—

In this roller coaster year, the strangest of our lives, we’ve come to the month of September and the beginning of another change of seasons. It’s hard to believe how the world has flipped upside down.

I hope you’re safe wherever you and navigating these days without hardship.

I’m healthy. My partner is healthy. My kid’s are dying of boredom, but otherwise healthy. And I’m working— in fact, once again I see clear proof that music is a safety net for me. Emotionally, and spiritually, keeping me focused and growing. More music, more often, more songs.

The album that I have been recording is FINALLY coming out this month on PATREON. I’ve done everything at home, played most of the instruments myself, and done all the engineering. Here for you, is free downloadable version of the only original song from the album. It’s called “California”—
Here’s the link:

The rest of the album is made up of classic cover songs that I’ve always wanted to record oncluding “Angel in Montgomery”, “Vincent”, “Boys of Summer”, a Beatles song, a Frank Sinatra song and more. This is a PATREON project and you can get a copy of the whole kit and kaboodle for signing up at the link below. $1/month gets you an album download; $10/month gets you the physical copy.

Here’s the PATREON link:

I’m continuing my livestream Traveling Medicine Shows—- they’ve been a big success every week with themed shows and special guests. On top of those shows, I also do an all All-Request Show every Sunday night on PATREON.

Here’s the next month of Traveling Medicine shows:

TONIGHT! Friday Sept 4th—8pm— Doing a Circus Theme tonight with Special Guest Dan Navarro— come on out to the Big Top!
Friday Sept 11th is a New York City theme with Special Guest Christopher Williams
Friday Sept 18th We go a marching with Special Guest Peter Mulvey
Friday Sept 25th is Trip to Liverpool with Special Guest Mark Erelli in a special show sponsored by WVFT in Virginia.

See the posters below and join us— it’s free, with all shows archived on PATREON if you miss it!

I’m doing online private shows, lessons on songwriting and more if you’re interested drop me a line!

Very best to you all! Stay safe!