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Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul's New England Summer Dreams

Hey y'all--

The response to our fundraising for the new recording project is doing amazingly well. We have people from all over the United States and Europe contacting us to get involved with the project. It's really humbling. We will continue to raise funds until the end of the year, and as I am touring I will talk to folks about the recording which will begin in September and last into fall. As some of you know, the fundraiser has levels with perks that include guitars, free shows, and house concerts among other things. Here's a link for you to check it out

Occasionally I discover videos on YouTube and on the internet that people have created based on my songs. I wanted to include an example in this posting so you could see how creative some of you folks are.

Here's a video link based on the Ballad of Chris McCandless and recorded by a school teacher in Kansas named Lindsay Kincaid. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Doing a bunch of shows in New England including my very first Boston Harbor cruise THIS Friday. I'm playing with an amazing band... Ellis Paul and Mary aka. Matt Hebert's band, Haunt), then I'll be in the Berkshires for a victims of Katrina fundraiser, Brownfield, ME at the Stone Mountain Arts Center (best food and wine!) with Vance Gilbert, Catie Curtis and Lucy Kaplanskythis is a beautiful area to take a vacation! And finally a retreat for fans in Vermont! See you somewhere out there!

Many thanks--