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Ellis Paul

It's Official, we birthed another one!

Well Happy Birthday to the "Day After Everything Changed!" I've been waiting for over a year for today to come! Thank you to all who contributed to the project and have helped to make it come to life. The radio promotion doesn't begin until February 8th. But the cd can be bought or downloaded at,   Amazon, or itunes and special signed editions at Here's a link to stores that might be in your area to buy the CD Stores

I'll be hitting the road with friends and musicians throughout the year to promote the project. If you are enjoying it, please spread it to your friends. This project is a labor of LOVE to all who were involved in it, and we'd like to prove to ourselves and to the music industry that an independent artist can put out a record on their own that can impact the world as well as anything they have. So SPREAD THIS MUSIC!

Many thanks to the producers Thad Beaty and Jason Collum at  SORTED NOISE in Nashville, TN. They really did a fantastic job of bringing the songs to life!

Love to you all! And Happy New Year!

P.S. We have extended the free download of Annalee at my website Annalee for Free and you can also sample and download the title track by watching this video and getting the code!

Also, please check out this cool community of music lovers No Depression. You can read great blogs, discover great new musicians, even write your own blogs! They are good people spreading the good music word.