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Ellis Paul

Happy Holiday Season brings Latkes and Nog!

I have been in Salt Lake City over the weekend and the town was blanketed with snow, and frosty shoppers. My brother flew in from Colorado to drive and guide me around and Utah songwriter Shane Jackman jumped in the back seat and sang a few beautiful Christmas songs to us as we drove through the canyon up to Logan for the snowy show. Couldn't have been a nicer trip-- two sold out shows and exuberant crowds.

The three of us saw the new Disney version of a Christmas Carol and now all my Christmas spirit is whipped up blizzardy and ready to spend money. My girls are 5 and 2 and I'm trying to search from some cool non standard presents for them. They're easy to please right now. A little toy piano perhaps? A bike? They are budding musicians and dancers and I want as much music and art and dance in their life as I can find. But my just being home is enough for them.

With the new cd coming out (digitally today exclusively on Amazon The Day After Everything Changed exclusive at Amazon and in a few weeks nation wide) the year is going to be busy, busy, busy and I am going to be working constantly this year so it's success meets our expectations. I would really like this to exceed all the sales of my previous albums to show the world you can put out a recording outside of a label and have it be a success story. That's where y'all come in! Please- simply play your favorite songs to people, at parties, through emails, on your facebook page. The music doesn't need a hard sell, it speaks well for itself, but it can't speak without someone championing it.
Send around this link to help spread the songs

I've been working on the road heavily the last few years and will probably do this for awhile longer, but I've decided I am eliminating most Thursday shows to be home with my family. My daughters are magnetic and the after three days away I feel the pull very strongly to see their faces.

I hope your holidays are safe and joyous and y'all belt out a carol or two loud enough to create laughter and embarrassment. Fill your bellies with nog and cheer and hug your family.

Look forward to seeing bunches of you at the annual Passim shows over New Years!

Love to you all!

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Video to watch and free download code for the song "The Day After Everything Changed"

Just scheduled an NYC show for an official CD release on Feb.26th!