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Ellis Paul

Nothing Left To Take

In the first thirty seconds
She told him she was leaving
She picked up a one way suitcase
He stood there disbelieving
Then a minute passed
And she turned and walked
Left him without the means to talk
She was history

In the moment the first hour passed
His foot down on the throttle
His right hand left the steering wheel
For a half empty bottle
The whiskey stings on the first sip
Then it flows like water through the lips
She is history

You can break apart
Same as any man
She can shake your faith
Like only a woman can
But the hurt, the ache,
Won't stop till there's
Nothing left to take from you

In the fifth hour, in the twilight
There was a crush of steel and gravel
His car, it hung up in mid-air
Then it came down like a gavel
And he swore he saw an angle in the light
Then the wipers woke him
Left to right
She is history

There's healing time, killing time
Time will take its time
And its only crime
Is what you let it steal from you.
Time, time, time


Ellis Paul (SESAC)