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Ellis Paul

Sometime, Someplace

Sometime, Someplace
Empty glass on the table
She's a Buddha with a bottle
there's a devil in her grin
"Mr. Paul if you're able,
to find someone to take you home,
I would fill you up again."

Yea, I came here for somebody,
but I fell for the bar
It's got mahogany tables
whittled and carved
There's a fiddle in the corner
singing sorrow to the night
makes me forget about tomorrow
cause tonight I'm alright

Sometime, Someplace
I'll meet somebody
this clown can fall for anybody
Sometime, Someplace
but tonight
I'm getting cozy at the bar
down at Miller'splace

There's a ghost of a rock star
blowing his horn in the corner
where the fiddle player sways
there's a crowd at the front bar
all the locals and the cronies
talking about their sugar days

Tell my gypsy fortunes
lie about the rain
I love the way
the bartender whispers my name
I want to stand up on a barstool
and shout out to the night
"I don't need a love forever
I just need some tonight"


Ellis Paul (SESAC)
Ellis Paul Productions (SESAC)