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Ellis Paul

Once Upon A Summertime

Once Upon a Summertime
A summer night on your roof
Somebody set the stars loose
You brought a blanket
I brought strawberry wine

We waited on the sky
Dusk, on the fourth of July
You kept my hands from crossing the line
And when, the fireworks exploded
That night it was recorded like a movie
I play it back in my mind
Hey, I wrote this song to thank you
for a sacred night that rang true
Once upon a summertime

The sky turned to flame
I carved our names
Beneath the magnolia
I told you my heart
wouldn't change
Do your eyes still shine?
Like it's summertime

At the drive-in we'd meet
in the Buick's back seat
and find the cracker jack prize in the dark
Back home, your father would come out
He'd say, "What was the movie about?"
I said, "A ghost".

You said, "A great white shark."
Did I dream you like some vision?
You moved me like religion
Like a prophet, I said,
"You'll be mine"
I was singing halleluiah
Ain't love so peculiar?
When spring gives into summertime?

How how could I lose?
How could you refuse?
After the very first time
everything changes
everything changes


Ellis Paul (SESAC)
Krisitian Bush (BMI)
Ellis Paul Productions (SESAC)