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Ellis Paul

River Road

There's a golden moon rising in the fields
A scarecrow highway…a back road
I'm lost, on empty….hungry for a meal
And the taste of a day not wasted
When I'm down
I let my wheels roll around
I come running to you
And I roll my windows down

Would you like to know how it feels
To trade your wings in on some wheels
I've got the keys, let's take a ride
Stick your hand out the passenger side
Down the river road
Clear water flows
Down on the river road
It's where I wanna go
Down the river road

A moth in a porchlight…a red-curtained windowpane
Your eyes in the screen door…
They tell me all I need to know
You step out in the night air
And call me by my name
A cricket's cry…no alibis
Come run with me
Let's step out
We'll let the wheels roll around
I'll come running to you
And I'll roll my windows down

(Repeat chorus)

The river road….the river road…..the river road


Ellis Paul Publising (SESAC)
Ellis Paul Publising (SESAC)