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Ellis Paul

Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls

All the people at the party left you
sitting at the table all alone
You can hear their voices
chatter through confetti
You're alone

Light... Breaks...through You
  All the paper dolls,
  They're still holding hands
Gives... Love... to You
  Their mouths are speaking language
  You Don't understand
You're alone

The cab ride through
the city's bright with lights
You float above the pavement to the night
You're gone

Light... Breaks.... Through You
 From where you ride
  the shadows dance along
Gives....Love... to you
 That's the sound it makes
 when everything goes wrong
 What if I was stronger
Why so why so sad?
Just look at all you have
    What if I had stayed a little longer
All you need is the strength (faith) to believe to get through

From your window sill
the city makes you dizzy
And you wonder why the hurt
still hurts so bad
So many lives, but not one here to hold yours.
You're alone


Ellis Paul (SESAC)
Kristian Bush Dirkpit Music (BMI)