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Ellis Paul

Heaven's Wherever You Are

Heaven's Wherever You Are
My lips couldn't speak
out on Marberry Street
You say you need something to live for
Out on this long winding road
if you need somewhere to go
I'll be the cab that you cry for
I wish you could wake up
at day break and see where you are
Watch the sun come shining
Your life's full of diamonds
Heaven can't be too far
It's wherever you are

I know this 'bout the Blues
it only prints the bad news
while ignoring the miracles
So I stand and applaud
with Buddha, Krishna, and God
cause all this beauty's hysterical

So hold on to your hat
we're putting the top on back
and taking a ride out to see the bay
Ain't the sky so blue
there's nothing blocking the view
I can't think of a better way
to kick off some better days


Ellis Paul
Ellis Paul Publishing (SESAC)