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Ellis Paul

New Album, Free Song, Show Tonight & Guitar for Sale! 🎸

Susan Werner Poster

Susan Werner is my guest tonight!

Hello my friends—

I hope you are safe and sound. Last night I watched another beautiful sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains. We’ve had an incredible string of the most breathtaking days you can imagine. Orange skies stretched across the horizon. I was thinking that alongside all this beauty, weeks and months of turbulence and chaos rage on. If the planet was our actual landlord, I think we’d be unfolding our eviction notice right now. Who wants a tenant like this? The noise. The disrespect. The clutter. The lack of awareness. The weeks ahead will prove whether or not our democracy is a democracy. Please vote. It’s the first step in assuring we start creating a better planet to live on. We need this. Make change. Vote.


Songs are still being sung out here. Not so much in venues these days, but they do create an escape, a refuge, and some comfort—certainly for me! I’ve got lots to sing about. I have a new album, recorded at home during the pandemic. It’s called “The Traveling Medicine Show, Volume 1”— it’s available EXCLUSIVELY to my Patreon subscribers: . This album is very different for me, because it’s mostly cover songs that I chose from the ones performed on my Friday Night Traveling Medicine Show—songs like “Over the Rainbow”, “Vincent”, and “Day Tripper”—and I play most of the instruments as well.


Here’s a free download from the new album—a surprise song for you:


To get the ENTIRE new album, simply join me on Patreon:

Patreon is the place where I will be presenting my work in the future: music, art, books, performances and video content. I’ve become more of a content creator these days than a touring songwriter. Patreon is a subscription service. For as little as $1 a month, you’ll get:
• exclusive side projects (like the new album)
• an archive of weekly livestream shows (like the Traveling Medicine Show)
• weekly downloads from my 30-year archive of songs
• special exclusive videos
• classes on songwriting
• and more!
Upper levels get special packages from me in the mail:
• posters
• CDs
• backstage passes
• private livestream shows for their families, schools and businesses!

I’m really excited for tonight’s TMS livestream show— my Special Guest is Susan Werner! ( Susan is an incredible songwriter raised in the state of Iowa. This week's theme is “Marvels of the Midwest”. Neil Young’s “Ohio” is in my set list, as well as Springsteen’s “Nebraska". This is going to be one of our biggest shows—come check it out. Did you know I spent half of my childhood in North Dakota? Seriously. It’s flat there. Here’s the show info:

Friday, October 9th at 8pm Eastern
Ellis Paul’s Traveling Medicine Show (w/ Special Guest Susan Werner!)
As always, support for the show is appreciated:
2) VENMO: @ellispaul

This guitar is a much-loved piece of my musical history and … it can be YOURS! It’s time to lighten my collection of instruments. This is Kismet. This beauty came into my life when I won a raffle at the 2017 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival. It was a Friday night, on the main stage in front of a few thousand people. Because I had just performed, some thought maybe I had bribed the little girl who pulled my winning ticket! But not so. I had however crumpled up my tickets when I threw them in the old pickle jar, thinking it might give me some advantage over the thousands of tickets laying flat in there. I was right. We were meant to be together. Hence the name “Kismet”. Now my luck can be yours! Kismet is a 2017 Martin 00-28VS guitar ( ), Serial Number 2096143. It has a Fishman Matrix Infinity Mic Blend Acoustic Pickup, which increases its value. I am offering Kismet in a silent auction, to the highest bidder. Bidding starts at $4500. If you would like to bid, just email me at with your bid. The deadline is 11:59 pm on October 20. More info and more photos: