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Ellis Paul


Apr 5 2012- Ellis Paul in Charlottesville, VA THIS Saturday, Parents' Choice Award & More!

Apr 5 2012- Ellis Paul in Charlottesville, VA THIS Saturday, Parents Choice Award  More
Hello Everyone,

I am finally slowing down for a few weeks and enjoying my kids and spring weather in Charlottesville, Va. It's beautiful here and all the blossoms are just emerging, people are happy but wheezing.

I've come home just in time to do a hometown show this Saturday at the Jefferson Theater here in Charlottesville! Peyton Tochterman is on the bill, and Radoslav Lorkovic is flying in from Chicago to play keys and accordion. Should be a hoot! Tickets still remain! So bring your Easter spirit and listen to some songs!

The rest of April's shows are listed below, I hope to see you out there! I am starting to write and break in new songs at the shows, and I could use your feedback, especially after writing a year's worth of family songs.

Speaking of the family music, there is good news on 'The Hero in You' front: the CD has just won a Gold Parents' Choice Award for outstanding children's music! As some of you know, the album is a set of song biographies about some of the most important people in American history (Ben Franklin, Rosa Parks, Thomas Edison to name a few).

It's perfect music for the family home, the school, and even the library, especially now with that shiny gold medallion attached! If you are a teacher or librarian or parent connected to a school or library, and you are interested in getting the music or even setting up a daytime show or class visit, send us an email to - we would love to work with your school.

Hope to see you all at the shows! Come hear some new songs!
Happy Spring to all of you!

Co-Bill at the Jefferson Theater with Peyton Tochterman!

Unless you gave up amazing music for Lent, you have no reason not to come join Ellis, Peyton and Rad THIS Saturday at 8PM in Charlottesville at the Jefferson!

More show details and ticket information here:

"The Hero in You" Wins a Gold Parents' Choice Award

Since 1978, the Parents' Choice Foundation strives to provide schools, libraries and parents with reliable information about tools to help their children learn, to explore new challenges, to discuss ideas and to pursue dreams. Their experts navigate the huge array of children's media to award a select few with their highest honor of being chosen a 'Parents' Choice'.

A GIANT Congratulations to Ellis Paul's "The Hero in You", chosen for the Gold Parents' Choice Award!! You can read the full Parents' Choice Review here:

Calling all Teachers, Librarians and Parents!

Ellis has had amazing success in just a short time with "The Hero in You", and one area he hopes to continue developing is in schools and libraries. This album is filled with biographies that offer such insight into key historical individuals - it is the perfect way to introduce kids to these individuals that made incredible contributions to education and society.

If you are a teacher, a librarian, or a parent with a connection to your child's school - we want to hear from you! We would love to get "The Hero in You" in your school or library. We would also love to hear from you if you are interested in having Ellis visit your school. As a musician who is primarily a writer and a wordsmith, Ellis often does songwriting workshops in classroom visits while on tour, and with the addition of "The Hero in You", Ellis now adds history lessons to his classroom repertoire.

Please email Justine at if you're interested in learning more about how to get Ellis or "The Hero in You" involved with your school or library.

We look forward to hearing from you!