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Ellis Paul


Nov 11 2003 - The discussion code is finally broken (The Vance & Ellis Circus)

Posted: Nov 11, 2003 4:08:54 pm  Hey y'all--
I have been enjoying traveling in the Vance and Ellis Circus
Wild West Show... We weaved through the dusty highways of Texas and Oklahoma and had a great time over the weekend at the Blue Door, The Mucky Duck, Jefferson Freedom Cafe and the Cactus Cafe... wish we had another week down there... there is something about playing to folks down there, they are a wee bit rowdier than in other parts of the country...I am in Maine working on new songs, one of which Karen posted as "I got nine months to fix the World" written after a conversation with new poppa Kristian Bush down in Georgia... I wrote that one for him, it feels like a Woody Guthrie song and I like that too. I guess all thosae Woody shows last year have inflicted a bit of dust bowl ballad into my brain... I am about to dive into writing for a new album that hopefully will arrive next fall if all goes well according to the folk gods...I have a cookie problem with my laptop, which is getting solved-- so I will be arriving here more often in the next few weeks! Take care till next time--
Thanks for coming out to the shows!
Ellis KarenZ

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Posted: Nov 11, 2003 7:51:23 pm Ellis,Do you know if the 'folk gods' are related to the 'folk broads'? Oh wait....I think it's Vance I have to ask.....
"Back in school I found the only written truths in bathroom stalls and telephone booths" -- Ellis Paul

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Posted: Nov 14, 2003 10:37:33 am Ellis, I'll be praying to the folk gods for that new album! You've got some great new songs that need a home on a cd. I, too, absolutely love "She Was." I remember hearing it for the first time in Lubbock....I had an old college friend with me who was hearing you for the first time. I had told her about your poetry and songs and how they were so meaningful and profound. And then you started talking about this song and how this line came into your head..."she ain't worth the whiskey..." Well, it didn't sound like it was going to be an Ellis song, but then when you started singing, well, it was, it truth you knew it was (I'm sorry! my fingers just started typing that). It's beautiful and haunting and I love it....
I swear I don't think there's a song of yours I don't like...
Becky"Life is always and never the same." Ellis Paul

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Posted: Feb 04, 2004 7:28:56 am Ellis, you been working up any old songs like you promised?Karen
"Back in school I found the only written truths in bathroom stalls and telephone booths" -- Ellis Paul

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Posted: Feb 07, 2004 10:44:58 pm I just have to say that the concert at Merrimack College on Friday (Feb. 6) was FABULOUS! I saw Ellis and Vance in Nov. and was blown away. I knew that I had to traverse once again to see the Indigo Boys. The acapella version of "Citizens of the World" was so moving! Thank you so much, Ellis! locolorenzo22

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Posted: Jul 06, 2004 11:55:13 am Hey, I've got to say this to you Ellis. Your music is so inspirational, and whenever I hear it, I start to feel the old familiar urge to write. I finally did start writing my poetry while listening to "All is Well" and "Trolleycar Trail". Without your songs, I never would have submitted my poem and become a finalist in this year's Chicago Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic poetry awards. I've gotta say, keep it up!!
the crazy man- Lorenzo in spanish

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Posted: Jul 13, 2004 1:37:37 pm locolorenzo22!Congratulations! That is so cool...Ellis is indeed a wise and inspiring writer. halfcentury

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Posted: Mar 24, 2005 5:55:44 pm I'm a farely newcomer to your words, Ellis but have been especially touched by your imagery around time, dreams, joourneys. The Chris McCandless song -now having gotten 3/4 way through the biography done on him- inspires me to share with you a recent one week mission trip I experienced in the Dominican Republic. Talk about being "wide awake in a dream". It was all about the journey and there was NO sense of time. The people and children of the town where I stayed ministered to me. I breathed in the dirt and the smoke while holding the little hands, crackling the weeds by the river, walking up to the mountain top, praying togehter in the homes. The moon brightened the night into day erasing time. Thankyou for your words- I am reminded they are more than a mere mumbling in my mind- thankyou for the music that brings the words alive. RyanB

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Posted: May 26, 2005 6:59:46 pm
her soul's covered in blisters
she screams out in whispers
saying "we're too close to home to be this alone"her pain is totally hers
to her its completely real
she makes believe that her faith is gone
and that its harder and harder to feel
in the mirror she sees nothing but a middle child
she cries alone in her own wild stlye
wipes her tears and sleeps with all her fears
shes afreaid to crack a smile
to the world she's just a statistic in the newsshe's broken down
she placed the world upon her shoulders
she never scraped the surface
and she drowns her emotions in a cheap bottle of beer
just another passing year
the world is passing her with ease
she always tried to please
always dreamed of Greece
but she's afraid of flyinshe screams "Whats the use in trying, love never seemed to stick here"
fear of loosing trust
never gave a fuss
when the boys would never stare
not even a side-eyed glare
i guess the world's not fairbut you'll never hear her wining,
shes busy making money
trying to be funny
dreams of leaving tis city
maybe then she'll show them allthat she is not just a passerby
not just a lucid dreamer
not living a lie
that she's got a future
why didnt they notice that she diedshe was just a passerby
she lost her guide
just nother lonely girl
with her shiniing guy
did any body care
all they ever did was stare
but she's laughing up in heaven
saying "karma's gonna get 'em"
maybe then they'll care
for the girl who died
until then they'll keep on passing by
i saw a show of ellis' and it made me a convert from the first time the first string was plucked......his music and words give how i feel of van morrison's work... it gives me a passion to see the world, write the world, draw the world.....capture the world.......michael collins never lied!!!!
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These are moments whole lifetimes are built on."