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Ellis Paul


Gone Country Magazine Review of Essentials

In the 1990's Ellis Paul was on a mission to start a folk revival and as I sit here listening to the 2-disc collection "Essentials," it's pretty safe to say that Paul was successful in his attempt. Perhaps he didn't make a huge dent in the mainstream scene, however with his music being included in mainstream films (Sweet Mistakes in Shallow Hal) and using Kristian Bush (of Sugarland fame) behind the production board, you most likely will find yourself going hey I have heard this before. For newcomers to his music, which a majority of this album is truly for, you get a nice collection of great traditional folk music. Some with a tongue and cheek lyric, some with a more serious lyric, but the overall folk feel of yesteryear is apparent and you will find yourself falling in love with this collection as Paul delivers a smooth style in his vocals and simple acoustic melodies in the guitars that will have you captured from the get go. For the diehards there are more than enough reasons to add this set of music to your collections. Paul is known for his live performances and has decided that he would include 5 previously unreleased live tracks on this collection as well as 3 brand new tunes. If you like folk music tinged with a bit of country influence at times than this is a must have album. Ellis Paul may not have been one of the early pioneers of the folk music scene, but he will indeed be a staple for the future of it.