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Ellis Paul

Election Day

I can feel a new day coming

Change is on the way

I can feel the wheels of progress humming

I'm just waiting on Election Day

You have tried to keep me quiet

But I've got things to say

I've got a voice and it won't be silent

You're gonna hear it on Election day


I'll be here on Election Day

You won't keep me away

I'll be walking proud

Talking loud

On Election Day

You've been working in the shadows

Getting rich so quietly

Making deals with all your friends

You forgot that you work for me

So just save that campaign promise

You never keep them anyway

You just talk the talk

You don't walk the walk

We're gonna fix it on Election Day

You've been taking money from the oilmen

Money from the NRA

You've been taking money from billionaires

Just to look the other way

But now the party's over

Time to polish up the resume

Maybe spend more time with your family

Starting on Election Day