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Ellis Paul



Dedicated to Scott Fleming

If I could have planned for this

I'd have asked for one last kiss

And make it last a long, long time

I’d sing Georgia a lullaby

It would sound awful

But I'd give it a try

Just to hear her laughter

That's what I'm after

I'd pull back my arm

And let it fly

A perfect spiral spinning

Between the boys and I



Why'd you go and choose me now?

Tell me, How you gonna use me?

Tell me how?

Make me an angel of the fighting kind

A Warrior cannot think

Of all he's left behind

I'd plan another family trip

To see the ocean and the navy ships

Bring the kids and the dogs

I'll write it in my captain's log

Out in water, I can't touch ground

I turn and hear you laughing

And God, I love the sound

If I said my last goodbyes

One by one, I'd pull you aside

I’d keep it short and sweet

Till next we meet

Who knew time was the greatest prize

You think it's endless

Until you reali