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Ellis Paul

Kiss Me 'Cause I'm Gone


I remember my first state line

It nearly made me blind

Everything I owned fit in my

Car full of gasoline

Head full of reckless dreams

That’s what they said

When I told them I was

Leaving these streets at midnight

Leaving this town

That could never get me right

I waited for so long

for this road song

So Kiss me ‘cause I’m gone,

I’m gone, I’m gone

I’m gone

Kiss me cause I’m hungry

Hungry for a world I’ve never seen

I’ve got this California

Dream girl in Ohio

Behind the counter at the Dairy Queen

One kiss,

One girl,

One long night

Standing still would kill me

But it’d thrill me

To think I could, I might

But this road song

It’s a soul song

Kiss me ‘cause I’m gone,

I’m gone, I’m gone,

I’m gone


Sunset Indiana

Sunrise in Nebraska

See the Rockies 20 miles away

The Sangre De Christos

Twelve hundred miles

To San Francisco

Hit the gas

I’m on my way


‘Cause I’m gone,

One click of the suitcase

And I’m on my way

I’m gone

No more waiting on lights

That are slow to change

I’m gone

Chasing the white lines

Down the old highway

I’m gone

Looking for a story,

Looking for someone

Who could make me want to stay

Kiss me ‘cause I’m hungry

Kiss me ‘cause I’m crazy

Kiss me, Baby

Kiss me,

Kiss me ‘cause I’m gone