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Ellis Paul

The Battle of Charlottesville

General Robert E Lee is

Sitting on a stallion right in front of me

The town says they’re gonna

Take the old statue down

So, white supremicists

Come snaking through the streets

Like something out of Genesis

I can’t believe my eyes

Cause neither side

Is gonna back down


When the war

You’re fighting for

Is born out of something disgraceful

You ain’t fighting honorably,

General Lee

Friday night out on parade

With their citronella tiki torches

Townspeople left their porches

To  block the way

And you can hear the hate

In the words they shout

The cameras caught their faces

‘Fore the torch blew out

You should of worn the hood

You’re up to no good

Tomorrow’s judgement day

Saturday the protest was cancelled

A helicopter crashed,

It was too hot to handle

Two copes down

Skirmishes broke ‘round town

Lives blown out like a candle

A President who loves a scandal

He wouldn’t take a side

Though people died

And Heather Heyer got mowed down


For a hundred and fifty years

We’ve come so far

But you haven’t moved an inch

We will not flinch

There’s no one here to lynch

updated: 4 years ago