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Ellis Paul

How You Say Goodbye

The bases are loaded

I bow down to the floor

A single shot on this green plot

Is all I’m asking for

September has faded

No room for wanting more

My sad goodbye

That’s spoken through

This stadium ensures

The temple is floating

The cheers sound much too good

The back yard sales

Of tallest tales

Is far too understood

I’m taking my chances

With a slightly crooked grin

And a fire in my eyes

And a timely telling sin


If the pitch comes in

Over the plate

Just the right speed

And perfectly straight

Swing of the bat

And it cracks

And the crowd goes wild

It’s a long line drive

To dead centerfield

It’s over the wall

And the legacy’s sealed

And that my friends

Is how you say goodbye

So many moments

But none to save the day

I never had that chance

But that the price I had to pay

But now I am grounded

The fans ignite the flame

And the lightning says

Straight road ahead

To glory and to fame

Oh This face looks better

Than a morning glory bloom

But I’ve struck out

way more times

Than you can fit in this old room

But as I turn to leave

I’ll find the strength

I’ll never tell

So I’m climbing up

The down escalator

For one last kiss farewell

And that my friends is how

I said goodbye