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Ellis Paul

Deliver Me

She can turn a room round on a dime
part a crowd like the Red Sea
she's Moses
and stranger's eyes
all fall and rise
on her length
like they're sizing up roses
Delivery? she could deliver me
she broke her own commandment
thou shall not steal from me
my breath is gone
that's burglary
never trust a prophet
in a party dress

I'm here waiting on a train
there are things that I can't explain
like how I got tied to the tracks
and why love goes down
like some robbery

Deliver me
Deliver me

There's a punchline on the sidewalk
but the joke seems kind of cruel
It's the ones your friends aren't telling
that makes you look the fool
Inside the bar theyre laughing
as you spin round on your stool
No drink can get you through the test

So you step out into traffic
cause it's safer on the street
you react to perfect strangers
as if the world's complete

It's when you are anonymous
you can pull the wool over all of us
but when you lean
don't fall on us
broken more or less

Have you ever been ashamed
Have you ever been defeated
crying, calling out her name
like love can never be repeated
the whole worlds bringing you down
for a million different reasons
it's just the end of one more season
where love came to run you down

Ellis Paul Music (SESAC) 1996